The Committee of the 93rd Session



Donagh Ruane

BSc Computer Science


Such a shame there's no theatre-related courses in college, I really feel like...wait, WHAT? Oh my god, quick when's the CAO deadline?

My advice to Freshers: Try more than just one area of theatre - you might discover a talent you didn’t know you had!



Niamh Scully

BA Classics, English and History

I had never done a proper play before I came to Dramsoc... first show I was in they tied me to a sink

My advice to Freshers: Whether it’s in Freshers Week or Semester Two don’t be afraid to just pop your head into the theatre and see what you can give a hand with or even audition for, it’ll be the best thing you ever do!



Max K. Feenan

BA Philosophy and English

I've never played a character who wasn't at least 10 years older than my actual record is 70. 

My advice to Freshers: Do everything you possibly can do in your first year and always know where the coffee is.

Theatre Manager


Daniel Culleton

BA English and Philosophy

I once peed next to a man who looked strikingly like Sir Ian McKellen. So yeah, it's all about networking. 

My advice to Freshers:  The best way to find what you're good at and passionate about is process of elimination. So use that process to eliminate the other societies and come join us at Dramsoc! .

Technical Manager


Liam Schmidt

BComm Commerce

I was in two plays ever and got given no lines in either: I do tech now.

My advice to Freshers:   

Try to get involved in societies in UCD as much as you can because there are so many unexpected opportunities take advantage of (especially in Dramsoc)!! Even if you don't like acting try tech or prostups or building sets!

Technical Manager


Seán Meates

BSc Politics and Sociology

I know nothing about drama but here we are.

My advice to Freshers: .You don't need to know anything about drama or have any experience in theatre before this, there's so many ways to get involved including tech which I highly recommend. I'm not biased I swear. :)

Public Relations Officer


Lorcan Kelly

BSc Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)


I was named after Irish actor Lorcan Cranitch (look him up, he’s class). Being named after an incredible actor does not help with your acting technique. Trust me, I know.

My advice to Freshers: Dramsoc is essentially a fully functioning theatre company, and it is a rare and unique opportunity to have that at your full disposal, so don’t squander it. Plus we’re good craic so pls join x

ISDA & External Shows Rep


Oisin O'Donoghue

BA English and Drama

I spent 3 hours constructing a kids swing set for a Dramsoc play last year. The box's expected time for a child to build it was 15 minutes.

My advice to Freshers:   

it's super cliché to say at this point but absolutely get involved in literally everything the society has to offer. Also don't underestimate the strength of clubhouse jaegarbombs, fatal mistake.

Training & Development Officer


Saoirse Carey

BA History and Drama

My first proper acting role was as shylock in the merchant of Venice. I looked like a really big version of Toad from Mario.

My advice to Freshers:  Get involved with Dramsoc as soon possible and see and do as much as you can! 

Events Officer


Ryan Haran

BA English and Creative Writing

In my first ever Dramsoc show I was cast as an annoying, cocky, insecure boy with sibling problems. So I just played myself.

My advice to Freshers: Get involved as soon as possible. The second you do, your life will change. Trust me.

Events Officer


Darragh Lawlor

BA English and Drama 

My first taste of performance was on the official Nickelodeon Slime Time, I got slimed and had to eat chocolate cake out of a nappy for a food challenge.

My advice to Freshers: Jump into Dramsoc! As soon as you get involved in a show you’ll get to know so many great people.

Visual Design Artist


Hanna-Marie Borten-Guary

BL Maitrise French Law and Common Law


I’m French. If I nod my head to everything you say, it’s just to make it seem like I understand your (wonderful) Irish accent.

My advice to Freshers:  Get involved and don’t be afraid to ask for advice, we won’t bite! 

Visual Design Artist


Ewa Grzybowska (Pictured Right)

BL Law with Economics

I once sat on a needle right before a show was supposed to start, so I had to quickly hide the needle in a corner before the audience came in. Fun times.

My advice to Freshers: It’s never too late to get involved with Dramsoc, doesn’t matter if you join in for the first show or the last, so don’t be afraid to just pop in and say hi whenever you feel like it!

Media Officer


Ciara Hanley

BA English and Drama

My first role onstage was a girlfriend of a musketeer. I got five lines and a pretty dress, so I decided that theatre was my thing.

My advice to Freshers: It takes a whole team of people to make a show, so make sure to try out all the behind the scenes stuff as well as (or instead of) auditioning to act!

Media Officer


Alex Smith Fitzpatrick

BA German and Drama

I used to play all the male characters in the plays in my all girls school because I was tall. Clearly not anymore.

My advice to Freshers: Throw yourself into all aspects of Dramsoc, but more importantly have fun!

Props, Costumes and Make-up Manager


Jodie Doyle

BA English and Creative Writing


I co-wrote this year's highly successful Freshers' Project 'The Body at the Dinner Party' and it was really really really good I promise

My advice to Freshers: Write the Freshers' Project (with a friend if possible)

Props, Costumes and Make-up Manager


Lucy Richards-Smyrk

BA English, Drama and Film

My first proper role was an Arabic fortune teller with 7 different was a character choice 

My advice to Freshers:   

Break out of your cocoon and don’t be afraid to be a social butterfly and have FUN!

Design and Construction Manager


Praise Titus

BSc Architecture

I have a blanket with over 50 badges I earned at girl guides.

My advice to Freshers: Push yourself to do something you haven’t done before. For me that was literally just talking to new people (being an introvert is so fun and funky when you move to a different county). If you make a fool of yourself just completely change societies and you’ll have a new set of people to try with. 

Design and Construction Manager

Izzy Hamilto

Izzy Hamilton

BSc Architecture


I have two different coloured eyes; one brown one green.

My Advice for Freshers: Get involved in things as much as possible because it's the best way of making great friends.

Freshers' Representative


Fionn O'Dwyer

I once ate an inferno chilli and tried to cool it by sticking my tongue to the freezer and I lost the ability to taste for 6 months.

My Advice for Freshers: Go to every event you can!