The Committee of the 92nd Session



Seán Butler

English and Art History Graduate


I played the part of Mary Magdalene in a four day long adaptation of the Bible which was directed by the bloke who plays Alf Stewart in Home and Away.   

My advice to Freshers: See as much work as you can, whether that be in Dramsoc, in Dublin or beyond! The more you see, the more you'll learn! 


Jen Keating

Jen Keating

2nd Year PhD in Developmental Psychology

My first acting role was as a tree in a forest in Beauty and the Beast.

My advice to Freshers: There's no need to be shy in Dramsoc - just dive right in and get involved!


Rachel O'Sullivan

Rachel O'Sullivan

3rd Year Medicinal Chemistry & Chemical Biology

Before college most of my experience with drama was through doing exams with RIAM and LAMDA. Since joining Dramsoc, I have performed in a few shows including Woman and Scarecrow and 4.48 Psychosis

My advice to Freshers: Don't be afraid to get involved. UCD can seem quite big and scary at first, but if you get involved in a production at Dramsoc, you’ll see how much easier it is to make friends and how small the college actually is.  

Theatre Manager

Shannon Ferber

Shannon Ferber

3rd Year Politics and History

In my first year I was lucky enough to be cast in My Name is Rachel Corrie which, thanks to Dramsoc, we were able to perform at ISDA, The New Theatre in Dublin and at the Skibbereen Cork Arts Festival. 

My advice to Freshers: Don't worry too much about making friends; put yourself out there, try different things and you'll find them! 

Technical Manager


Soirse Burns

Social Science, Politics and Social Policy Graduate 

My favourite shows are the weirdest shows. 

 My advice to Freshers: Do not put your heart and soul in just one area initially, try anything and everything, acting, directing, tech, prostups, do it all. 

Technical Manager


Amy Dunne

2nd Year Physics

The first show I ever saw in a theatre was the sound of music in the Bord Gáis, for a little theatre based fun fact!

  My advice to Freshers: Use the theatre as your resource - if there's anything you want to try out, be it tech or set design or directing, this is your chance to give it a go!  

Public Relations Officer


Emma Moloney

2nd Year Politics and Drama

I once played a dog in labour as the opening scene of a show.

My advice to Freshers is to hold on in there, the settling in period can be tough but give it a few weeks and I promise you’ll love it!

ISDA & External Shows Rep

Johnjoe Irwin

Johnjoe Irwin

History and Politics Graduate

My theatre fact is that I once did the first half of a show still drunk from the night out before (Swing Ball) and the second half of that show incredibly hungover.

My advice to Freshers: Don't get too drunk the night before a show. Or, if it's unavoidable, at least try and stay drunk the whole way through the show...  That hangover nearly killed me.

ISDA & External Shows Rep


Laura Fleming

5th Year Electronic and Computer Engineering 

A theatre related fact about myself is that I love to play drunk characters on stage!

 My advice to Freshers: Get involved in societies as soon as possible. Go to all the events in Orientation and Freshers Week. Your college experience will be exponentially all the better for it. 

Events Officer


Sadhbh Whitty

2nd Year English and Drama 

A theatre related fact about me is that my breakthrough role was a lamb in my senior infants nativity play.

My advice to Freshers: Come to all the Dramsoc events and you won't regret it! We do a weekly coffee morning down by the theatre and it's a nice and relaxed way to get to know other members of Dramsoc.

Events Officer


Orlagh McDonald

2nd Year Law and Politics 

A theatre fact about myself is that I was the marketing and technical manager of a show called The Gin Chronicles in New York this year. We previewed the show all around London before taking it the Edinburgh and Guildford Fringe festivals!   

My advice to Freshers:  Try to use dramsoc as a refuge from the stresses of college. Utilise everything Dramsoc has to offer. You won't only gain great theatre experience, but also some of your bestest friends.

Training & Development Officer

Joyce Dignam

Joyce Dignam

2nd Year English and Sociology

I once played both Aladdin and the cowardly lion in a really weird cross-over that my drama group did. 

My advice to Freshers: Mind yourself and have fun xxx (I'm such a mam) .

Visual Design Artist

Luke Shanahan

Luke Shanahan

2nd Year English and Sociology

In 2016, a short play I wrote was published in a supplement in the Irish Times.

My advice to Freshers: Talk to anyone and everyone in your first week of college. Put yourself out of your comfort zone, it's a great way to make friends.

Visual Design Artist


Gemma Bovenizer

2nd Year Philosophy and Sociology

I portrayed a jelly baby in my first ever show.

My advice to Freshers: Make sure to get involved in the Freshers' Projects!

Design & Construction Manager

Morira Anne Bender

Moira Anne Bender

3rd Year History and English

My first role in theatre was as an anteater.

My advice to Freshers: Get involved. In anything that remotely interests you. And learn to cook something other than pasta.

Props, Costumes and Make-up Manager


Siobhán Slater

3rd Year English and Film

I've only acted in one thing as Angel 3 despite going for the Virgin Mary, which solidified my dislike for performance and the beginning of my role in production. I was 5. 

My advice to Freshers:. Introduce yourself to the Production Area quickly - it's an amazing way to express other sides of your creativity and learn life skills in woodwork.

Props, Costumes and Make-up Manager

Fiona Larmon

Fiona Larmon

2nd Year Economics and Drama

I got into theatre and acting from watching Glee and wanting to do what the characters did on the show. 

My advice to Freshers: Don't get intimidated or scared if you don't immediately find a friend group, to keep calm and join some societies and you will find friends who you truly will get along with! 

Props, Costumes and Make-up Manager


Ellie Hanan Moran 

2nd Year English and Philosophy

I've actually only acted in three things, and my roles were a mom, elevator door number 2, and several mini parts in one show including Y and Person 3!

My advice to Freshers: Do as much as you possibly can while still looking after yourself. Get familiar with UCD quickly - that makes it a lot easier to adjust. Prioritise things that give you a chance to make friends and express yourself.

Freshers' Rep


Colin Smyth

 1st Year Maths and Chemistry

I once danced to Britney Spears' Toxic while playing Witch 1 in


My advice to Freshers: Run for Freshers' Rep, it is a lot of fun and a really nifty way to get yourself involved in the society, plus you get to know so many people super quick. Also, you get to join the elite line of Freshers' reps that have gone before you. An honour.